Sunday, 19 April 2009

Not Much Going On ................

There isn't any textile stuff going on here at the moment. Over Easter our son and nephew knocked down the chimney breast in the living room and whilst it's all plastered now there is quite a bit of sanding and lots of painting to be done which will have to wait a while now as my husband has had an operation on his nose since - paint fumes won't be a good idea! Will just have to be patient until we are a bit more sorted.

Whilst I don't have anything current to show, I like to look at the pics in other people's blogs so here's one of some scrumbles that I started back in January. I got this far but then got sidetracked when the book arrived. Not sure what I was expecting really but was quite disappointed. More a booklet than a book and nothing much in it that I hadn't worked out for myself and I'm still going to have to work out what to use for a base and how to shape a bag unless I buy one of the recommended pre-formed thingys. Lovely eye candy though!

PS The PC is currently housed in teenage daughters bedroom so I only have limited access lol!