Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sea of Stitches

Part way through the month I realised that this was going to take me a while (longer than I anticipated anyway) so I gave myself a deadline for the end of the month and have been stitching like mad these last couple of days to get it finished. Well I think it's finished - I could add more but where does one stop?
Is it a crazy quilt? I'm not sure - it doesn't much resemble most of those that I've seen. Would a "Sampler of Stitches" on a patchwork ground be more apt? It was going to be a cushion but that's out the window now - it wouldn't stand up well to the laundering it would need in our house!
edit - oh why do my paragraphs disappear every time I post this? (sigh)

Nearly There .............

Drizzle Stitch with beads. Only one more seam to treat + a few beads etc. here and there and I hope it's finished.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

More Stitches

Raised Cup Stitch, Buttonhole Bar and the starfish, thanks to Gina's suggestion, now has a Shisha centre!

Some beaded Fly Stitch added to this patch + a finished seam ie. French Knots and beads added to the pink Herringbone.

Many thanks for the nomination Paula (even though I'm not quite sure what it means)!!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Microwave Dyeing

It's ages since I did any dyeing in the microwave so following the quick, easy & no mess method here was a very welcome and rewarding break from stitching!

Algerian Eye stitch thus another patch completed.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

First Patch Finished

One patch of the 10 is (I think) finished - the top left hand corner. More Up and Down Buttonhole on the seam with some beading and more line stitches (at the bottom of pic from left to right) - Chain, Pearl (Reverse Palestrina), Backstitched Chain, Backstitch (2), Threaded Backstitch, more Chain & Backstitch.

This blog is getting a bit monotonous but I shall continue to post as I stitch for the time being in order to cross reference from the list of stitches.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Needlewoven Picots

Another stitch to cross off the list .............

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Buttonhole Stitches

From top to bottom, Detatched Buttonhole on a Buttonhole foundation, Barb Stitch, Buttonhole Wheel, Reverse Buttonhole Bar and more Detatched Buttonhole on foundations of Buttonhole and Chain Stitches.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Some New Stitches

The stitches as they appear from left to right at the top, Back Stitch, Basque Knot, Coral, Portuguese Stem, Palestrina, Twisted Chain and Stem.

I don't remember having used the Palestrina and Basque Knot stitches before (if I have it must have been a long time ago) so that was interesting - rather similar to Raised Chain Band.

Friday, 18 July 2008


Having decided on the motif (spiked shell), stitch (couching) and thread it was a case of where best to site hence the removal of two clusters of detatched chain. From what I have read, the sequential working of crazy quilting is usually to treat the seams and them embellish - I don't think that is necessarily my ideal way of working!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Lots of Stitches Today

Working my way through the "Stitch Along" stitches is rather slow so I've made an effort to cross off quite a few in one day. The stitches from left to right, Detatched Wheatear, Fly, Chained Fly, Knotted Fly, Wheatear, Threaded Fly, Feather, Twisted Fly and Arrowhead.

I couldn't find instructions for the Chained Fly and Knotted Fly on Sharon's list so I have stitched what seemed most logical to me ie. anchored with a chain and anchored with a knot.

Participating in the Stitch Along is very much a personal challenge to a) keep focused on textiles ie. do something every day where possible and b) blog more - I'm really pleased that I've managed to keep up to date with both so far.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Shisha mirrors attached with Cretan and Buttonhole stitches + a few bullion knots. Mental note to self not to cover the whole thing with Shisha!

Something new learnt today - the photo was taken at dusk with flash and it shows the sparkle in the sheer nylon fabric overlay nicely!

For Jo, a pic taken before I decided to add another Shisha and the little Bullions.

Thankyou for all your lovely and encouraging comments everyone - they are very much appreciated!

Sunday, 13 July 2008


Not much new here - some more Colonial knots and Satin Stitch plus a little bit of Padded Satin Stitch for the eye (mostly hidden by the bead) and some French Knots for the coronet (I just looked up what the sticky out bit on top of the head is called)!

I had got my Shisha mirrors out ready to stitch some next but I hadn't thought about putting one in the middle of the starfish - thanks for the idea Gina! I have some teeny weeny ones - will just have to see if I can manage to stitch one in the centre.

The lace wouldn't colour with transfer paints so I presume it was acrylic or something and I was never really happy with the colours achieved with fabric paints so it's gone. Another task now - cover that seam!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Raised Chain Band

Raised Chain Band in progress ............... not sure what to do with the centre parts yet.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Lump Fish

Colonial Knots for the body, Satin Stitch fins and Bullion Knots for the mouth - I'm really pleased with the fish.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Detatched Chain Stitches

Getting just a little lost now. Some more Cretan and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the Detatched Chain stitches so I think it's time to do something different next .............. a motif.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Little More Stitch Along

A little bit of needleweaving, again over detatched chain stitches, and some loop stitch which I can't see on the list unless it is under another name.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Straight Stitches

Straight Stitches - some with a little knot at the end.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


Herringbone with some straight stitches in between. I'm not that happy with the pink against the turquoise and blues looking at it overall so think I'll probably slip something behind the stitching at some point.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

More Stitch Along

A double row of Up and Down Buttonhole over a ribbon yarn that doesn't really show in the photo and Whipped Needleweaving over a base of Detatched Chain stitches.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Open Cretan Stitch

Open Cretan stitch in three different threads worked over some chenille yarn.

The Stitch Along Stitches

I am posting a list of the stitches for the Stitch Along so I can link them as I stitch and post - well that is the general idea!

Algerian Eye (Regular, Pulled and canvas)
Arrowhead Stitch (Regular and Canvas)
Arrowhead Stitch threaded
Back Stitch 2
Back Stitch: Beaded
Back Stitch: Diminishing Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Double Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Festoon Stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Frost Stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Honeycomb Filling (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Laced Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Pulled
Back Stitch: Pulled Double Back Stitch
Back Stitch: Ringed Back Stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Threaded Back Stitch
Back Stitch: Three sided edge stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Whipped Back Stitch

Back Stitched Chain
Basque Knot Stitch
Basque Stitch
Bonnet Stitch
Bonnet Stitch: Beaded
Bullion Knot 2
Burden Stitch
Buttonhole Stitch
Buttonhole: Antwerp Edging fringed
Buttonhole: Antwerp Edging Stitch
Buttonhole: Antwerp Edging with a bead
Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Barb Stitch
Buttonhole: Berwick Stitch

Buttonhole: Branched Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Cast on Stitch
Buttonhole: Closed Buttonhole
Buttonhole: Crossed Buttonhole
Buttonhole: Detatched Buttonhole Filling
Buttonhole: Double Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Double Cast on Stitch
Buttonhole: Double Drizzle Stitch
Buttonhole: Drawn Buttonhole Stitch (Pulled)
Buttonhole: Drizzle Stitch
Buttonhole: Feather Stitch
Buttonhole: Filling
Buttonhole: Fly Stitch
Buttonhole: Knotted Buttonhole
Buttonhole: Knotted Buttonhold Band
Buttonhole: Knotted Feather Stitch
Buttonhole: Overlapping (also known as Battlement Stitch)
Buttonhole: Reversed Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Top Knotted
Buttonhole: Triangular Buttonhole Stitch
Buttonhole: Up and Down Buttonhole 2
Buttonhole: Wheel
Buttonhole: Whipped Buttonhole stitch
Buttonhole: with a bead
Buttonhole: with Picot
Chain Stitch 2
Chain Stitch: Alternating Barred Chain
Chain Stitch: Beaded chain stitch
Chain Stitch: Berry Stitch (Detached Double Chain)
Chain Stitch: Cable Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Coral Stitch
Chain Stitch: Cornered Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Crested Chain
Chain Stitch: Detatched Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Double Cable Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Double Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Feathered Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Heavy Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Knotted Cable Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Linked Double Chain
Chain Stitch: Long Armed Detached Chain
Chain Stitch: Open Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Oyster Stitch
Chain Stitch: Raised Chain Band
Chain Stitch: Reverse Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Rosette Chain
Chain Stitch: Spanish Feather Stitch
Chain Stitch: Spiked Knotted Cable Chain
Chain Stitch: Threaded Open Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Twisted Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Waved Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Wheatear Stitch
Chain Stitch: Whipped Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Whipped Double Chain
Chain Stitch: Zig Zag Chain Stitch

Chained Fly Stitch
Chequer Filling (Pulled Thread Work )
Chevron Stitch
Chevron stitch: Beaded Chevron
Chevron stitch: Chevron Stitch with a single bead
Chevron Stitch:Half Chevron Stitch
Chevron Stitch: Knotted Chevron
Chevron Stitch: Pagoda Stitch
Cobbler Stitch (Pulled)
Colonial Knot 2
Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Alternating Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Beaded
Cretan Stitch: Closed Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Knotted Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Open Beaded Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Open Cretan Stitch 2
Cretan Stitch: Tied Cretan
Cretan Stitch: with a bead
Crossed Stitches: Broad Cross Stitch
Crossed Stitches: Chequer Filling (Pulled Thread Work )
Crossed Stitches: Detached Square Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Broad Cross
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Cross Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Cross Stitch
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal English Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Raised Band
(Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Double Cross Stitch (Canvas Work)
Crossed Stitches: Double Leviathan (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Dutch Stitch (Canvas Work)
Crossed Stitches: English Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Ermine Stitch
Crossed Stitches: Half Rhodes (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Italian Cross stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Leviathan (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Long arm Cross stitch
Crossed Stitches: Montenegrin (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Norwich stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Oblong Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Oblong Cross with Back Stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Open Trellis Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Rhodes (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Star stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Smyrna Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Rice Stitch (Canvas)
Eastern Stitch
Fence of Bugles (Beading Stitch)
Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Beaded Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Chained Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Closed Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Knotted Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Threaded Fly Stitch
Four Sided Stitch (pulled stitch)
French Knot
Ghiordes Knot
Greek Cross Filling (Pulled)
Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Beaded Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Closed Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Double Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Herringbone tied with a bead
Herringbone Stitch: Interlaced
Herringbone Stitch: Knotted Herringbone
Herringbone Stitch: Maltese Cross
Herringbone Stitch: Pulled
Herringbone Stitch: Tied Herringbone
Indian Ground (Pulled)
Jessica Stitch (Canvas)
Long and Short Stitch
Norwich stitch

Nuns Stitch
Open Trellis Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Outline Stitch
Palestrina Stitch
Palestrina Stitch: Reversed Palestrina Stitch
Palestrina Stitch: Triple Palestrina Stitch
Petal Stitch (Canvas)
Pinwheel Stitch (canvas)
Rice Stitch
Rococco (Canvas)
Satin Stitch 2
Satin stitch: Padded
Scroll Stitch
Shisha Stitch
Sorbello Stitch
Split Stitch
Stem Stitch
Stem Stitch: Portuguese Stem
Stem Stitch: Rope stitch
Straight stitch: Double Running Stitch Laced
Straight stitch: Laced Running Stitch
Straight stitch: Running Stitch (incuding Darning)
Straight stitches: Basket stitch (Pulled)
Straight stitches: Brighton Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Byzantine (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Cashmere (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Chess Board Filling (Pulled)
Straight stitches: Crossed Cushion (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Cushion (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Diagonal Leaf Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Encroaching Gobelin (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Florentine (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Gobelin (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Hungarian (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Japanese Darning
Straight stitches: Jaquard (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Leaf Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Moorish (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Mosaic (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Oriental (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Parisian (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Pulled Satin Stitch (Pulled)
Straight stitches: Ray Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Scotch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Triangle Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Upright Gobelin (Canvas)

Twisted Lattice Band
Vandyke Filling
Vandyke Stitch
Velvet Stitch
Whipped Spiders Wheel

Woven Spiders Wheel
Woven: Needleweaving Picot
Woven: Raised Cup