Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lynton and Lynmouth

Sunday we had really hoped to visit Clovelly but it was very windy and cold with the possiblity of rain so set off in the opposite direction for Lynton and Lynmouth connected by the cliff railway.  We weren't disappointed, the choppy seas at Lynmouth were an absolute delight battering against the shoreline.

Disembarking from the cliff railway at Lynton we headed for the Greenhouse for hot drinks ........... overpriced and not very nice.  Husband says the coffee was warm and horrible whilst my hot chocolate was warm and lacking depth ......... you can't get it right every time!  Some lovely little shops there and, whilst we didn't venture into this one, love the nostalgic essence of the sign

Back into Ilfracombe for a last look around.

Zooming in from 20-30 ft above I had a feeling a grouping of white dots on the rocks would be limpets.

Which reminds me that I had intended to take my "Limpet" piece with me to stitch in the evenings but with a last minute turn of events at home it was all rush and I forgot.  In fact all of our accomodation was facing north with not very good lighting so I probably wouldn't have got much done anyway.  I so want to finish it, just not sure where it's going next ........


Monday, 30 May 2011

A Week Away

We've just returned from a week in Devon and Cornwall.  Not long enough to do all that we'd have liked again but a lovely week with lots of inspiration for future pieces should I get round to them eventually.

The first full day found a little curtain shop just outside the Pannier Market in Barnstaple with some ex display samples 4 for a £1.  Who could resist picking a few out?

Still in Barnstaple, on to Heathcoat Fabrics  where they had a nice selection of mid range fabrics of many types.  I was particularly looking for bag and/or quilting fabrics but didn't see anything I really wanted to buy.

Wonderful textures on the seafront at Ilfracombe ..............

An evening stroll looking for somewhere to eat didn't see many particularly inspiring menus - well not for those looking for a treat on a sensible budget and it was rather offputting to see the restaurants empty until we came to the Smugglers on the quay.  It was full and we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.  Most starters were about £5 with mains starting at £7.95 and coffee £1.20.  We were happy with our choices.

The camel did start to get a bit of decoration before we went ...........

We'll see where the stuffing of the object leads.  Last time I tried a necked animal with head insert the head tilted to one side.  The seam allowances are a bit scant to allow for smoothe curves so will be interesting to see what happens!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Upcycling Progress ...........

............ or not but we'll come to that!  Remember these?  They look much better pressed
Foundation piecing in preparation for some crazy quilting.  Hand or machine I'm not quite sure.  My new glasses should be ready on Friday ............. perfect eyesight to 4.5 in about 8 years is frightening but I won't dwell and I'm quite excited that, for the first time, somebody understood exactly what I wanted/needed ......... something with a largish vision area but not "Deirdre Barlow" and now I know why I complained about being able to see too much of the inside of some spectacles when my husband said they were fine............ because my eyes are wider apart and I have a wider face then him.  Perhaps that will sound better if I say that he has a narrower face with eyes closer together lol!  Just how come it's taken 5 eye tests over 8 years to have things explained properly?  Asked if my sewing/needlework was a hobby, I was just about to reply that it was more a way of life when my husband replied "obsession"!  Don't think I can argue with that!

The fabrics are very tightly woven hence hand embroidery, even with the new glasses, is going to be hard work!  Maybe a mixture of both and perhaps some beads.

I had no inclination whatsoever at this time to make twin creatures but even one needs a left AND a right side.  Another day to spend making the corresponding sides then!!!!!!!
Thankyou for your lovely comments on the quilt .......... I'm kind of impressed that I made something that big too!  Looking at Dana's suggestion of an edge stitch foot, I tried out the Juki blind stitch foot with a central guide ............ why on earth didn't I think of that?  I did press the seams open on the quilt and I'll still need to play around with the tension a little but at least it's now going to be in the ditch or equally parallel to according to the needle position - the edge stitch foot is going on the Christmas list along with the open free motion quilting foot!