Saturday, 26 November 2011

Patchwork Christmas Stockings

Being inspired by some pretty Christmas stockings I've seen on the web recently, I set to making a few .........

The reds and pinks look better in reality but to give some idea ........

I used this free tutorial for a template and did line them, they are a fun project.  Now if I could only find more hours in the day to move onto designing some with something a bit more ............ the ideas are there but I'm running out of time now!

There's still time (until the end of November) to comment on my 200th giveaway blog post to enter the draw for some embroidery goodies (a selection of threads/yarns etc.).  I'll also include comments on this post and my facebook page in the draw.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

200th Post Giveaway

Well I went with the flower and was pleased with it ........... until I uploaded some pics and now I'm not so sure ......... though it does seem to look better in reality ............ pinks are a funny colour to photograph!
The "Flowerpot" Bag

Now for the giveaway ................ a little goody bundle for embroidery/embellishing.  No pic yet, I need to have a bit of a sort out and get some bits together  I'll pick the winner from the comments on this post at the end of November .............. good luck and I hope the randomly chosen poster likes what I choose for them.  Comments on my facebook page  will be included in the draw too.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Designing a Bag ..........

A quick 10 second sketch for a "Flowerpot" Bag.  First thoughts were summery pinks and greens but out came the fabrics and I decided on something more in keeping with the season.  The cotton shirt that I grabbed before the latest sort out went off to the charity shop a couple of weeks ago would be perfect for lining the crazy quilted outer panels.

An Inner zipped pocket .......

The actual shirt pocket unpicked and stitched to the lining the other side is handy for those quick to grab items ...........

Not quite sure about the planned 3D fabric flower(s), I'll do one and decide before finishing it off.  I'm really pleased with the upcycling of the shirt, not only due to the price of cotton these days but it adds a personal touch!  When I think of the pretty cotton dresses my daughter used to wear (many years ago!), I could nearly cry that I didn't think of keeping them for the fabric lol!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Bits & Pieces

A couple of bedroom cushions.  The buttons too large to use the automatic buttonholer on the Juki, I used the "two step" program ......... it was a disaster, stopping and changing to a bar tack whenever it felt like it!  I've not had cause to use that machine for buttonholes before so I need to have a really good play before I attempt them again!

Another colourwash I Spy Quilt in the making - I've got so far as piecing the top:

A few pieces of fabric which I hope will combine to make a pretty bag (my current project):