Saturday, 28 July 2007

Towers of Flowers

I need to find just the right "button" to complete my second bag so thought I would post something else for now. The "Towers of Flowers" were from a tutorial by Helen Cowans in Stitch magazine last year.

For some years I have concentrated on my own designs but I couldn't resist having a go at these. I find I work well constructing smaller elements which are then fitted together so they were just my thing and, of course, the colours - which I have only just noticed are the same as the "Summer Garden" bag I have recently completed!

Although not so organic (not always a good thing!), I found it easier (and neater) to stitch the panels together by machine and covered the wires with satin stitch in metallic threads.

Having finshed the "Towers", I immediately set to work on another set, this time using starfish & shell motifs. I just adore them!


Karoda said...

coming here via Textile Goddess blog...and these are cute and fun!

MargaretR said...

These are lovely and I'm sure Helen loves them.