Friday, 22 August 2008


Went to Hastings today and took quite a lot of pictures - those of the fishing huts weren't very successful but I quite like these ..........

Beautiful texture and folds in the cliffs

Lots of recycling in these old lobster pots

A selection of buildings cropped from a larger photo

And these boats - purely because it looks like I've (well nearly!) lifted the image straight from a glossy magazine (the sun came out!)

Am I the only one who has trouble with the spacing between lines/paragraphs/photographs with blogger (ie. inserting text between photos)? No matter how many times I edit, it has a mind of it's own and looks a mess!


Gina said...

Love the boats and the lobster pots - what terrific photos! You have to play around with the html to get the spacing right. Took me ages to get the hang of it and I still mess it up!

junebug22 said...

I use typepad and I have alot of problems trying to get the photos and text spaced properly....Ithought it was just ME!
Love your have a great "eye"!