Wednesday, 29 October 2008

More Patchwork

I've finished the other patchwork piece so have started on another one but this time with a different variation of folded patchwork - bit like faux pas "Cathedral Window"

I know sewing machine parts are always expensive but I do think that £4.80 for two little plastic pegs to hold the extension table on is rather extortionate. I actually only need one so as I can return the pile of books to the shelf but thought it might be useful to have a spare. Looking at the red on tha machine, I had better warn the recipient of the patchwork pieces that they might not be colourfast!

Following my being tagged last week, I selected 6 blogs that I look at often. I haven't heard from all as to whether they would be happy to be tagged but from those that I have heard from, not everybody wishes to be tagged or has the time right now so I am just going to post the list of blogs that I chose and say go and take a look at what these people are doing if you don't already read them.

Chris Gray
Maggie's Textiles
Maureen's Mixture
Sewing Rainbows

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