Thursday, 28 January 2010


Well that didn't take long ..................... I'm stuck albeit hopefully only briefly whilst I decide what to do now that the daisy punch won't cut through the vilene so I'll write a blog post instead!

I  don't know what is up with blogger this morning, the pics are only uploading one at a time and positioning themselves where I don't want them and not wanting to move so ............ I'll do my best.

Any piece of fabric less than, say, 6" goes in the scrapbag and I'm talking about any little scrap here not just sizeable pieces.  It's a while since I turned the bag right out so, looking for some green bits for the next cup, it was emptied out.  Out came all sorts of bits that I'd forgotten about ................ the cover for my sleeve ironing board (so that's where it went), a couple of bits of net that I use for felting, some scraps of lace that I'd cut off a dress I threw away ............. there is such a dilemma with clothes.  Do you freecycle them, give them to charity or remove any buttons and/or bits that you may use and bin the rest?  Depends what they are I suppose but I deeply regret ridding myself of an M&S long silk velvet blouse (a Christmas gift that wasn't really me) ............. I should have kept it and cut it up.   Last year our daughter freecycled a bag full of hardly worn branded hoodies ................... it's only just occured to me that I could have used the lovely pink & blue zips hmmmmm .......

A small amount of plain green was needed so out came my dyed fabrics.  I just love them as they are .......... a rainbow of colour!  It's a ridiculous thing to say I know but I could keep these out and derive pleasure from just looking at them on a daily basis.  Large scale isn't really my thing but maybe I should turn some of this rainbow into something which I could admire on a daily basis ............... a strippy wall hanging perhaps?  Am wondering how much dyeing I'm going to be doing now that we've had a (compulsory) water meter installed!

Towards the end of last year, more out of necessity to create a couple of presents quickly & easily from stuff I already had, I made a couple of wallets ..............

There's enough scraps in the bag to make three more of these in pink, brown & blue ................ I might do that.

Using the laptop it's really had to tell if I have the photographs looking acceptable.  If anybody reads this I would welcome comment as to whether they are too dark, light or whatever - thankyou.


Nellie's Needles said...

I'm drooling over your bags of scraps ... well, and your hand-dyed fabrics, too.

Your photos look fine on my Apple laptop.

linda stokes said...

Your pics look good to me - the wallets would make great gifts - love the top one.
I collect fabric scraps, offcuts, papers, plastic bags, threads, etc. It's an occupational hazard which is taking over my house!