Friday, 26 March 2010

Running Out Of Space ....................

Thankyou all - I am now feeling much, much better.  I haven't tried Echinacea so will look into it.  Continuing with the patchwork this week, once I have completed this strip, I need to add 13.5" to the width  ............... that will be fun because I will have run out of floor space!  I could lay it out on the bed but running up & down stairs every 5 minutes I can't see working somehow!

I've changed it around a bit since the pic (no surprise there) but I'm still in love with it despite about 120 hours to date, the sewing machine having monopolised the kitchen/dining table for weeks, worktops covered with fabric and cutting equipment and so on .................... .  don't think I'm going to be progressing to bed sized quilts somehow!  It's not laying very flat. Perhaps I should have trimmed the seams a little more but am concerned about it being MANhandled once it's up! Yes, cotton sateen sounds good .............. I just hope I can make something work to stabilise it.  Maybe quilting it direct to the backing?  I can see myself creating more work here somehow!

There's been little time for anything else except spend a minute or two thinking about the Postcard Challenge.  As always, the scope for interpretations on a theme is enormous.  March = "Words to Live By" and my thoughts for this included "The Best Things in Life are Free".  Love, Friendship, Beach, Sunshine ............ they're all free!  Textile artists love bright sunny days (I'm waiting to do some sun printing but fear it's going to be some time yet before there is enough sun for that).  No less, there was some delight being expressed on fb one morning last week in being able to get the washing on the line after all the wet weather so far this year thus my quick sketch (sorry if the pencil isn't too clear).



Anonymous said...

I just love this quilt, running out room is hard. it sure looks great though. Gorgeous!!!!

Ann Flowers

Rachel said...

They keep promising us a great summer - maybe it will come true this time.

In the meantime - quilt is looking good, and I'm glad to know you are feeling better!

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

the quilt is awesome! i'm excited to see how it all comes together. and i really like how you showed your sketch - your process - for the postcard. clothing on a line, curving words, flowers, so lovely!!