Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Problem with Machine

Hmmm ............ was only saying the other day how there's nothing wrong with my machine

I have noticed that there is there appears to be a groove worn in the casting at the bottom (left hand side - you might need to click on the pic to see it clearer) of the take up lever slot and metallic/rayon threads are wearing thus breaking on this groove.  There are a couple of other chips in the casting but I had put this down to perhaps broken needles flying off or something.

The dealership has said this morning that they have never seen this before and that a new casting would probably cost more than a new machine.  We (I don't drive) could take it in to them to have a look but it's a day out and a lot of petrol so before we do has anybody else come across this before or have any suggestions?  It's 9 year old Bernina 1008 and I bought it new.

Any help/advice/suggestions greatly appreciated


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Jackie said...

Exactly the same thing happened to my Bernina 1001 (The forerunner to 1008) after I'd used a lot of metal thread. I covered it with sellotape but had it in mind to paint it with enamel paint, the kind you ge to touch up chips in sinks. In the end I bought a second hand 1008 and don't use the metal threads as much.
I think its a weakness of bernina becasue a lot of machines have a loop there and the thread deosn't have to rub against the enamel.