Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another Bag!

Ever critical, not sure I like this one.  The fabric's quite heavily printed so has a lovely weight to it but there's an awful lot of white (and yellow).

 Still a lot of white but maybe the lime on the outside would have been better?

These fabrics were from a recent trip to Goldhawk Road.  10 or so fabric shops with an hour on the parking meter = kid in a sweetshop syndrome!  I needed more time .......... time to look in all of them and then make purchase decisions but I didn't have time so it was rushing from one to the other, making a few purchases along the way.  One of the first ones we came to was closed until 1.30 for prayers so I had just a couple of minutes in there last ........... they had stuff that I'd just paid more for over the road say no more and ever conscious that we were now, sadly, out of parking time.  Needless to say we shall be going back.

Thankyou for the comments on the last few posts (I shall catch up on blog reading .......... there is just so much out there now I keep getting distracted!!).  Luckily I had some spare fabric so the black rose bag has now been fixed by hand applying a panel over the offending area and I'll probably keep that one for myself.

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