Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lynton and Lynmouth

Sunday we had really hoped to visit Clovelly but it was very windy and cold with the possiblity of rain so set off in the opposite direction for Lynton and Lynmouth connected by the cliff railway.  We weren't disappointed, the choppy seas at Lynmouth were an absolute delight battering against the shoreline.

Disembarking from the cliff railway at Lynton we headed for the Greenhouse for hot drinks ........... overpriced and not very nice.  Husband says the coffee was warm and horrible whilst my hot chocolate was warm and lacking depth ......... you can't get it right every time!  Some lovely little shops there and, whilst we didn't venture into this one, love the nostalgic essence of the sign

Back into Ilfracombe for a last look around.

Zooming in from 20-30 ft above I had a feeling a grouping of white dots on the rocks would be limpets.

Which reminds me that I had intended to take my "Limpet" piece with me to stitch in the evenings but with a last minute turn of events at home it was all rush and I forgot.  In fact all of our accomodation was facing north with not very good lighting so I probably wouldn't have got much done anyway.  I so want to finish it, just not sure where it's going next ........


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Rachel said...

You might find some time away will help you work out where your Limpet piece is going next...