Thursday, 23 June 2011


Simplicity are doing a Summer Tote Sew Along on Facebook with their patttern 2396 which I thought might be fun.  I don't actually have the pattern but had a look at the specifics and instructions here and could quite easily get round that.  Make it smaller (handbag size), fabrics put together in a different way with some embellishment, an alternative fastening ....... . I wouldn't really be "sewing along" at all so maybe I'll just stick to my own thing.

Another ruffled bag in progress, in fact a replica of the one I made our daughter for Christmas.  I shall sit tonight and stitch the plastic canvas in the bottom then hopefully the zips will arrive soon so I can get on with the lining, pockets and fastening.

I've never been a fan of hexagon quilts with most of what I've noticed in the passt being rather a mish mash of random fabrics.  Quaint I know but not quite for me until I saw, on somebody's blog, the start of some lovely floral hexes in sunflower colours on a white background.  I was captivated and, although I left a comment, now can't find said blog ............. sorry!

Playing with hexagons in pretty colour combinations is fun.  My husband isn't keen and I've yet to tell him that just this week I've read of someone completing a hexagons quilt  which has been 35 years in the making!  Maybe he has a point lol!


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Createology said...

Your ruffled bag is cheerful and happy and beautiful. Happy sewing...