Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sometimes when ...........

 ......... I don't know what to do I end up doing nothing much at all.  However, we have been busy filling our Christmas boxes.  We're doing 6 this year, one for each of the groups and this is our shoebox for a 5-9 year old boy:

The bottom lined with plain paper, stickers and a puzzle removed from the box to maximise space (I've made a little drawstring bag to keep the pieces in).

Adding stuff - there's a small colouring book hidden in here too:

Hat and mittens to help keep warm, an inflatable and tennis ball for outdoor play, playdoh and school supplies and a small cuddly toy to love:

A pencil case fashioned from friendly faced scraps and a strong corded bag cajoled from the Chelsea Megastore!

Amongst other bits hidden in there is a football soap on a rope, packet of toothbrushes, toothpaste and a toy car - over 30 different things in, hopefully, a box of fun ready to be wrapped with just enough space for a few sweets.

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