Thursday, 9 February 2012

YoYo Caterpillar

Attempting to dream up fabric "toys" without stuffing or "bits", Yoyos came to mind.  It might have taken four attempts to get the right frill but I do now have something that I find acceptable!  Sorry the tail's hidden but this is the best pic of a bad bunch tonight .......... I do honestly think it looks much nicer than it does here.  No prizes for guessing the destination of this but I hope it's constructed in such a fashion in that it will be remembered and perhaps even replicated in part by somebody in years to come in the same way that I remember the YoYo clown sitting in a great aunt's spare bedroom when I was a child ........... the inspiration for my YoYo Caterpillar

I can finally post the contents of my giveaway at the end of last year now Linda has received it (my fault it was so late) ......... some of my hand coloured stuff along with a couple of other loosely co-ordinating bits.

Blogger says try the new Blogger Interface .............. I don't suppose I can go back now!!!!!


Diane-crewe said...

love the caterpilla xx

Angela said...

What a cute caterpillar, my daughter in law saw this post and has asked for one for her little girl.

Puppet Lady said...

Very cute. What a lovely smiley face!

Chris Gray said...

What a cutey!!

...I've just put you on my Leibster list (latest posting)...

Hope you don't mind.

We've been talking for ages now...and it seemed appropriate :-)))

Puppet Lady said...

I hope you don't mind that I've used your idea for a session with our craft group, which makes items for OCC shoeboxs. You can see how I developed your idea here:

Thanks for the inspiration!