Monday, 16 June 2008


My adventures into crochet have been rather limited to say the least - granny blankets whilst at primary school, a sleeping bag of sorts for an action man and the odd finishing of baby garments - certainly nothing for quite some years but having learnt of an exhibition currently on at the South Bank Centre in London is that about to change? I hope to see the Crochet Coral Reef at some time during the summer but in the meantime have been looking around the web and stumbled across some beautiful freefrom crochet and the art of scrumbling.

The plan was to crochet them together to form rectangles for a bag but I should have given a little more thought to the shapes as I really can't see how I could get straight edges .............. there's rather a lot of movement in the frilly bits and some of the fancy yarns hide the working stitches. The learning of some more stitches might help as might joining pieces together as I work rather than ending up with lots of rather circular bits.

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