Wednesday, 25 June 2008

All Ready to Go

Having problems getting the lace insert to lay flat due to the seam direction so will need to think about a solution using embellishment - can't wait to get started now!

Just read about the 2010 Quilting Arts Magazine Calendar Contest - looks exciting!


Lauri said...

I love the colors on this block!
You are right, any imperfections in the way the lace lays can be covered. That's why I like CQ so much you can do whatever you want.
Thnak you so much for visisting my blog too. I always appreciate comments and visitors

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am french and live in P�rigord (where they are very many english people) I have known your blog on Sttichin Fingers; and I like it (the idea and the colors)
You are in my favorites