Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Journal

I have photographed this outside in the sun, outside in the shade, inside, used two different cameras and still the painted surfaces won't show anywhere near their true colour - it is more raspberry and a deep violet and the cords do match!

The back ...................... my husand helped cutting the hole for the first eyelet and we now have a little hole (yes a nice round hole) in the kitchen worktop!

It's not got any pages yet as I can't find the hole punch - it's not in it's usual place but nobody has seen or had it! Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet - probably not it's intended purpose as the colours are a little moved from what I originally planned.

Thankyou for all your lovely comments about "Flitty" in the last post. Judith, I wasn't quite sure if "Flitty" was a he or a she ............ I was thinking that it is male birds that tend to be more ornate?
Nellie, I used 18# paper covered cake decorating wire (painted with acrylic and covered with free machine zig zag) because it's what I had to hand but it was a little too rigid to bend around the feet successfully. 24# is much too fine but I might try a 20#.

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Chris said...

I have a heck of a time capturing fuchsia and purple when I photograph my fabrics. I try to use white behind those colors because the camera reads a truer color that way