Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Plan!

Firstly, thankyou for your lovely comments everyone and I'm delighted to say that I received a phone call this morning from the recipient who was "thrilled" with her little surprise thank you gift to go with her elephant collection. Isn't that just the greatest reward when you know that somebody is so appreciative of something - I am delighted!

Most people who read this will have seen Angie Hughes' article in the current issue of Stitch or be familiar with her work. For a little while I have been thinking about a little book and this is just the inspiration I needed. Peering into my boxes of fabric this morning, I came across this curtain interlining that I bought some years ago but never put to any use - it frayed too easily and was too fluffy to be of much use for anything but, I hope, is just the thing for this.

I've used PVA on fabric before but never thought to use it on this. The texture as it is reminds me very much of mulberry bark (without the flexibility of course) and I imagine that it's going to feel like a very heavy silk paper when ironed - scrumptious!

My husband asked what it was for so I had to explain (in detail but all in one breath) that if anything ever happened to me then he might stress about the arrangements/details etc. being exactly to my taste so I was making a little ideas book! I got one of them grins and told I was a weirdo - a little contrary maybe but weirdo I think not lol! Mother in law died suddenly on Christmas Eve (Father in law was New Years Eve a few years ago so no forgetting them dates!) and it gets one thinking. I won't be revealing any of the contents but that's "The Plan"!

Catching up on the blogs is going to take a little time - I just wish there were more hours in the day - but I will get there.

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