Monday, 1 February 2010

A Journey Revisited

Returning to my rainbow of dyed fabric and how I could use a good number of them in a textile as mentioned in the post before last has confirmed in my mind that I would like to make a wall hanging.

I love colour, I have always loved colour.  Colour is one of my strengths ............ more so than composition.  As a child I was fascinated by rainbows - what child isn;t?  A rainbow piece it is then albeit with artistic license as I will probably have 9 colours.

My passion for textiles goes back to childhood and there have been lots of significant points along the way.  If I made a crazy quilt wall hanging it would give me scope to portray many of these in some form ................. I think this piece will be "My Crazy Journey".


I think the colours are sorted so need to play around with size & proportion.  Meanwhile, something that I've been meaning to do for ages .............. dyeing some buttons

I have some lovely yellow buttons.  It's unfortunate that the pearlised coating on the large floral one is chipped now it's a wonderful golden colour - unfortunately the underlying materidal didn't take the dye.  This was an experiment - not without incident so not a method I will be recommending and I will do it differently next time.


Elmsley Rose said...

The pearlized one does look rather special!

Dying buttons - never thought of that one!

Chris Gray said...

..I've never thought of dying buttons either...