Friday, 27 August 2010

UFO Resurfaces

Two years ago I blogged about a UFO.  Well it keeps resurfacing so it's out and I'm working on it!  Not quite to plan as I've already unpicked some stitching done last night and this morning (not neat enough ............. the eyes again!) so just needs rethinking a bit but I shall plough on.


And for inspiration I pulled out a jar of my hand dyed threads.  I have more jars of these ............ and boxes .............. and ................ one might think I have a problem but I'm not the only person in the world obsessed with dyeing threads and yarns.  It's the magic of mixing colours on different fibres with a delightful surprise at the end because they never turn out exactly the same.  Good job I've got quite a stock of them having recently had a compulsory water meter installed!

Of course I have to mention the shirt.  There were problems with the stitching across the grain (the vertical bits in the pic).  It seemed a bit bizarre that with the grain was fine as was any other fabric so I asked on the Sewing Forum and it's been suggested that I try a Microtex needle.  It's a decent fabric (Italian shirting) so could be because it's tightly woven/high thread count now I've looked into it ................. shall remember to get some of those needles when we're out on our travels.

It was quite good to do some "dressmaking" and, though I have more to do, I won't be going into mass production ............ it's not quite the same and I didn't realise how difficult it would be to find some decent shirt buttons at a sensible price (two towns exhausted this week alone)!


Chris Gray said..., you're not the only one with a thing about threads Shelley!....

..lovely looking jam-jar contents :-)

Gina said...

I love those dark colours in your UFO... as well as all the other fabulous threads. I'm very impressed that you would be making a shirt!

MargaretR said...

Your UFO is absolutely fantastic Shelley and looks as if it's finished to me.
Like Gina, I'm very impressed that you are making a shirt. I once made a blouse that was a failure and though I used to make most of my own clothes when I was young. I never tried another blouse, but a shirt??