Sunday, 3 October 2010

Onwards and Upwards

Well, I've done a lot of trialling with the sunflower idea on how best to stabilise and transfer the design on to the silk.  Am still at the leaves stage but think I have it sorted now and spent ages transferring outlines onto interfacing before realising it was stitch n tear duh!!!  That'll teach me to put things away that I no longer need but, hey, tomorrow is another day!

One of the bags that I did earlier in the year .................

I was doing another as a knitting bag for an elderly friend in her 90s who knits all day and evening now her mobility is not so good.  The stretch on the bias of the gingham threw the patchwork into disarray but I can remedy that with some fabric flowers .............

Said friend has a little dog.   As she's knitting, she keeps the wool in a carrier bag to stop dog messing around with it and I had thought about that and have some slippery fabric for the lining (might even use PVC coated stuff if it isn't too bulky) but I had forgotten that she ties carrier bag into a knot to stop the dog getting in it whenever she has to leave the knitting ......... this style of bag is open.  The bag is a bit too bulky to use drawstring plus I think it would reduce the usable size too much so I was thinking what if I open it out and insert a zip within a gusset of fabric at the top (will have to look up the technical term) leaving the ends open a few inches so the wool can be pulled though?  That's what I plan to do unless I come up with anything better!

The last of our Christmas boxes .............. just making sure it all fits and that there's enough room for a packet of crayons and some sweets before wrapping ............


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