Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I Spy Quilt ......... playing with colour

Not one to take the easy option I've decided that the I Spy quilt is going to have a rainbow effect.  It's possible but there's a lot of shifting about to get a pleasing result and I am learning a lot. 

Some of the browns will look better with the reds.  Particular greys will hide in amongst the blues etc. etc..  and then there's the I Spy aspect of incorporating as many different objects as possible which I am now thinking about more.  Playing with some squares ............



Karyli said...

I've just joined an I Spy fabric swap (sewinpeace.blogspot.com) so I decided to browse and see what others are doing with this. I found yours. It looks amazing and it will be so much fun. Good luck with it!

Freya said...

Wow! Amazing!
I just blogged about the I Spy quilt I made my son, but it's a little more beginner! Love the color graduation!