Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A success ................ Patchwork Window Blind

Well I like it!  Even more so because it is completely my own ........... now I know what to do!  A mixture of cotton fabrics purchased over the last couple of years together with some hand dyed stuff.

Cutting the strips to size and machining edge to edge was a lot less time consuming than the foundation piecing used before so definitely the method for me.

 I need to decide what to line it with.  Something to display the patchwork rather than the seams creating a stain glassed effect with the light filtering through.  I have some blackout lining but it's too heavy so will wait until we're out and about to see what is out there in the shops these days.  There's no rush as walls have yet to be painted and, despite my husband's plea, they will remain pink and green!

I'd like to think that I've no idea how I ended up with these blocks left over but I obviously miscounted!  There are more patchwork window blinds to be made - I need to spend some time on design.

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