Thursday, 7 April 2011

"Threads of Feeling"

At the beginning of March, just before the end of the exhibition, we were fortunate enough to be able to attend "Threads of Feeling" at the Foundling Museum.  Being interested in family history, I've read lots about Thomas Coram and the foundlings over the past few decades but had never actually visited the museum before.  The exhibition was mesmerising.  Delightful yet emotional - actually breathtaking.  Anyway, my comment was chosen (at random I think) to receive this delightful presentation box of threads, donated by Coats, which arrived this morning together with an exhibition book.  My visit being fired by the family historian as well as the textile artist, I didn't even mention stitch in the comment .............. I am delighted!

Invited to choose myself a Mothers' Day gift (I couldn't possibly say that it might have been a cop out by the other person) the handbag pattern I selected was out of stock.  There's quite a few handbag patterns here and have I ever used one of them?  Hmmmmm.  Anyway, I got this instead ...........

Why?  I actually really don't know.  It was cheap and cheerful and  I just liked it.  Perhaps imagining lots of little patchwork dinosaurs with wired organza bits somewhere down the line!

Back to reality.  Yet another pair of "no longer wearable" boxer shorts came into my possession this morning.  We have quite a little collection here - all M&S 100% cotton - and there's the remains of at least one other pair laying about somewhere which I mutilated for that blind

So, inspired by the textile tokens left by loved ones leaving their babies at the foundling hospital I have the threads and fabric set out before me.  My "token" won't be as such that it could be pinned into the pages of a ledger for hundreds of years to come but it will be something with meaning and I'd recognise that fabric (stuff that I've lived with day in day out over several  years) together anywhere.

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Bluebell said...

Hello Shelley, thankyou so much for the kind comments on my cushion, I love the box of threads what a lovely surprise, every colour you could wantI would think, I love the idea of using boxer shorts for making things, my friend Kathleen and I use shits and childrens dresses and shirts they are nearly always 100% cotton we trawl the charity shops wherever we go, we also look out for good double sheets or double duvet covers that we can use for backing quilts, we find some beautiful one's, looking forward to seeing whatyou do with the silks.