Sunday, 3 February 2013

Yarn Stuff

It will be much easier to do a bit of knitting or crochet in those spare moments now I've made myself a bag ............. no more hunting out needles/hooks and carrier bags full of yarn I'll have it all to hand.  The handle's too long (I was worried about getting "into" the bag if it was too short but it will be ok) so I'll be unpicking that and then this will be nice enough to leave out and I'll know for next time.  The machine (Juki Exceed) was playing up a bit with wonky stitching until I remembered that I'd altered a dial by mistake (instead of a lever) when setting up for free motion the last time it was out so it's fine now.

I've had this "Desparate Dan" fabric for a while (ebay bargain) without really knowing what to do with it so am pleased with the pencil case to go with the "Dennis the Menace" (or my interpretation of lol) puppet and other bits for a shoebox later on in the year.

Just a few more knitted puppets that I finished last year ........................

Thankyou bois-fleurie and Puppet Lady for your lovely comments about the lampshade, I'm really looking forward to seeing them all soon.  Bois-Fleurie I'm so sorry that I can't comment on your blog ........... every time I fill the box in it reverts back to an empty box.  The painting's you've been doing are beautiful ......... such pretty colours!

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Puppet Lady said...

Great collection of puppets. Might pinch your Denis idea sometime!