Saturday, 23 February 2013

Romany Quilt

 A mini quilt actually just big enough for a baby in a car seat or buggy inspired by the rich reds of an old painted vardo.  Quite randomly patched from an assortment of "red" squares ......... a little darker and richer than showing on my screen here and I actually really like it!  I can just envisage some small space in a wagon storing these small jewels of fabric until there were enough to create something useful yet beautiful ............ the meandering lines of the free motion quiting fit nicely too.

Is there really a distinction between excited and terrified?  Local artists of any media have been invited to submit work for consideration for an exhibition later this year ............ I have expressed an interest!  Haven't even got the form yet but the thought of a portfolio seems somewhat terrifying.  I'm not sure that it should be but it is.  I should know how to put some stuff together, perhaps 10 things but what?  First I need to sort out or borrow a decent camera to get some better pics and sure once I get started it will start flowing together.  Then there's preparing a design or two and I keep changing my mind about that.  I did really want to do something more creative this year but didn't really have a reason until now and feel a bit lonesome and lost now I've said I will!

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Puppet Lady said...

You have shown some beautiful pieces here on you blog so I'm sure you will be able to come up with many lovely things for the exhibition. Good luck, and have courage!