Monday, 10 June 2013


 So many ups and downs this year but the latest project has been fun!  

"Can you make me a sh*t shirt mum?"  "Well actually you can make us all one if you want for our boys weekend".  Here's a few of them:

 McCalls 8409

 McCalls 7720

 McCalls 7720

McCalls 7720

I hardly do any dressmaking but the eyes aren't so good for embroidery these days so I may be doing a bit more .............. I'm rather pleased with these :)

I've used McCalls 8409 before ............ it comes up big, very big!  However, the collar sizes are pretty normal for the pattern size ................. small is a 15" collar but the chest measurement of the shirt is 49" .......... not exactly proportionate!

The Palmer Pletsch 7720 2 hour shirt is a much better fit for the smaller sizes though I'm not keen on the lack of front band.  If I were to make more I might think about drafting one.  I used the two piece collar.  I couldn't envisage me ever finishing one of these in two hours but I do prefer a nice finish (French seams etc.).

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