Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Stitch Along Stitches

I am posting a list of the stitches for the Stitch Along so I can link them as I stitch and post - well that is the general idea!

Algerian Eye (Regular, Pulled and canvas)
Arrowhead Stitch (Regular and Canvas)
Arrowhead Stitch threaded
Back Stitch 2
Back Stitch: Beaded
Back Stitch: Diminishing Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Double Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Festoon Stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Frost Stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Honeycomb Filling (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Laced Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Pekinese Stitch
Back Stitch: Pulled
Back Stitch: Pulled Double Back Stitch
Back Stitch: Ringed Back Stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Threaded Back Stitch
Back Stitch: Three sided edge stitch (Pulled)
Back Stitch: Whipped Back Stitch

Back Stitched Chain
Basque Knot Stitch
Basque Stitch
Bonnet Stitch
Bonnet Stitch: Beaded
Bullion Knot 2
Burden Stitch
Buttonhole Stitch
Buttonhole: Antwerp Edging fringed
Buttonhole: Antwerp Edging Stitch
Buttonhole: Antwerp Edging with a bead
Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Barb Stitch
Buttonhole: Berwick Stitch

Buttonhole: Branched Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Cast on Stitch
Buttonhole: Closed Buttonhole
Buttonhole: Crossed Buttonhole
Buttonhole: Detatched Buttonhole Filling
Buttonhole: Double Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Double Cast on Stitch
Buttonhole: Double Drizzle Stitch
Buttonhole: Drawn Buttonhole Stitch (Pulled)
Buttonhole: Drizzle Stitch
Buttonhole: Feather Stitch
Buttonhole: Filling
Buttonhole: Fly Stitch
Buttonhole: Knotted Buttonhole
Buttonhole: Knotted Buttonhold Band
Buttonhole: Knotted Feather Stitch
Buttonhole: Overlapping (also known as Battlement Stitch)
Buttonhole: Reversed Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole: Top Knotted
Buttonhole: Triangular Buttonhole Stitch
Buttonhole: Up and Down Buttonhole 2
Buttonhole: Wheel
Buttonhole: Whipped Buttonhole stitch
Buttonhole: with a bead
Buttonhole: with Picot
Chain Stitch 2
Chain Stitch: Alternating Barred Chain
Chain Stitch: Beaded chain stitch
Chain Stitch: Berry Stitch (Detached Double Chain)
Chain Stitch: Cable Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Coral Stitch
Chain Stitch: Cornered Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Crested Chain
Chain Stitch: Detatched Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Double Cable Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Double Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Feathered Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Heavy Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Knotted Cable Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Linked Double Chain
Chain Stitch: Long Armed Detached Chain
Chain Stitch: Open Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Oyster Stitch
Chain Stitch: Raised Chain Band
Chain Stitch: Reverse Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Rosette Chain
Chain Stitch: Spanish Feather Stitch
Chain Stitch: Spiked Knotted Cable Chain
Chain Stitch: Threaded Open Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Twisted Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Waved Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Wheatear Stitch
Chain Stitch: Whipped Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch: Whipped Double Chain
Chain Stitch: Zig Zag Chain Stitch

Chained Fly Stitch
Chequer Filling (Pulled Thread Work )
Chevron Stitch
Chevron stitch: Beaded Chevron
Chevron stitch: Chevron Stitch with a single bead
Chevron Stitch:Half Chevron Stitch
Chevron Stitch: Knotted Chevron
Chevron Stitch: Pagoda Stitch
Cobbler Stitch (Pulled)
Colonial Knot 2
Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Alternating Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Beaded
Cretan Stitch: Closed Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Knotted Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Open Beaded Cretan Stitch
Cretan Stitch: Open Cretan Stitch 2
Cretan Stitch: Tied Cretan
Cretan Stitch: with a bead
Crossed Stitches: Broad Cross Stitch
Crossed Stitches: Chequer Filling (Pulled Thread Work )
Crossed Stitches: Detached Square Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Broad Cross
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Cross Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Cross Stitch
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal English Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Diagonal Raised Band
(Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Double Cross Stitch (Canvas Work)
Crossed Stitches: Double Leviathan (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Dutch Stitch (Canvas Work)
Crossed Stitches: English Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Ermine Stitch
Crossed Stitches: Half Rhodes (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Italian Cross stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Leviathan (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Long arm Cross stitch
Crossed Stitches: Montenegrin (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Norwich stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Oblong Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Oblong Cross with Back Stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Open Trellis Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Crossed Stitches: Rhodes (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Star stitch (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Smyrna Cross (Canvas)
Crossed Stitches: Rice Stitch (Canvas)
Eastern Stitch
Fence of Bugles (Beading Stitch)
Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Beaded Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Chained Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Closed Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Knotted Fly Stitch
Fly Stitch: Threaded Fly Stitch
Four Sided Stitch (pulled stitch)
French Knot
Ghiordes Knot
Greek Cross Filling (Pulled)
Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Beaded Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Closed Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Double Herringbone Stitch
Herringbone Stitch: Herringbone tied with a bead
Herringbone Stitch: Interlaced
Herringbone Stitch: Knotted Herringbone
Herringbone Stitch: Maltese Cross
Herringbone Stitch: Pulled
Herringbone Stitch: Tied Herringbone
Indian Ground (Pulled)
Jessica Stitch (Canvas)
Long and Short Stitch
Norwich stitch

Nuns Stitch
Open Trellis Filling (Pulled Thread Work)
Outline Stitch
Palestrina Stitch
Palestrina Stitch: Reversed Palestrina Stitch
Palestrina Stitch: Triple Palestrina Stitch
Petal Stitch (Canvas)
Pinwheel Stitch (canvas)
Rice Stitch
Rococco (Canvas)
Satin Stitch 2
Satin stitch: Padded
Scroll Stitch
Shisha Stitch
Sorbello Stitch
Split Stitch
Stem Stitch
Stem Stitch: Portuguese Stem
Stem Stitch: Rope stitch
Straight stitch: Double Running Stitch Laced
Straight stitch: Laced Running Stitch
Straight stitch: Running Stitch (incuding Darning)
Straight stitches: Basket stitch (Pulled)
Straight stitches: Brighton Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Byzantine (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Cashmere (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Chess Board Filling (Pulled)
Straight stitches: Crossed Cushion (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Cushion (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Diagonal Leaf Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Encroaching Gobelin (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Florentine (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Gobelin (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Hungarian (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Japanese Darning
Straight stitches: Jaquard (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Leaf Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Moorish (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Mosaic (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Oriental (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Parisian (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Pulled Satin Stitch (Pulled)
Straight stitches: Ray Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Scotch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Triangle Stitch (Canvas)
Straight stitches: Upright Gobelin (Canvas)

Twisted Lattice Band
Vandyke Filling
Vandyke Stitch
Velvet Stitch
Whipped Spiders Wheel

Woven Spiders Wheel
Woven: Needleweaving Picot
Woven: Raised Cup

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