Monday, 27 September 2010

Daisy Shirt Done

With one model asleep and lack of co-operation from the other here's the coathanger version (not without a little fault or two but I have spent more than enough time on this now)

Never did I imagine that a shirt would cause so many problems.  It's not the pattern, nor the making up but the fabric ............. at least I hope it's the fabric and not the machine.  I have the machine back .......... the repair guys in the dealers say it's fine but I'm not sure ......... there's something that just doesn't feel right.  The local man who serviced it first, said it probably needed a new shuttle hook (mine was plastic and they're replacing them with metal now) as it had a few nicks in it so he tried filing it down.  As far as I know, those nicks had been there for ages without problem and you can't file down plastic successfully hence I could actually hear the thread catching when I got it back.  At the dealers, it has had a service, overhaul and resetting of the timing plus a new shuttle hook yet took me three and a half hours plus microtex needles to try and get a decent stitch on this simple printed cotton fabric.  It's ok on the white and yellow print but on the dark colours it's dreadful still without 5 or 6 layers ........... such resistance to the needle

There isn't a machine in the Argos catalogue (not that I would buy one from Argos) that costs as much as I have just spent on mine ........... no wonder I've been in tears and beginning to think that some of them might stitch better than mine is at the moment!  I need to play around with some more fabric.

I found Jan Messent's new book in the library on Saturday ................ it is absolutely wonderful - a must have for the Christmas list (not that I'll be doing one this year) and confirms this is where my heart really lies ........ finding a happy medium between the eyes and the heart is the problem!

Another Christmas shoebox filled - just one more to go now.  The patchwork pencil case is a lovely idea Anne - our daughter was almost obsessed with pens & crayons of all sorts throughout her school years - I might give a little more time and thought to making some a bit more imaginative for next year if I remember (and find the time)!

I am now going to do something normal to destress over the shirt ........... put some washing on and make some fresh crab cakes for dinner .............. then start thinking more about mum's up and coming birthday!


Rachel said...

I'm sorry your machine is playing up - might it be a question of tension? Failing that, take it back to the dealership and demonstrate the problem...

I've got Jan's book and it is fascinating.

Chris Gray said...

I'm sorry your machine is being a pain!...

...but maybe it'll sort itself soon :-)

I've just ordered that Jan Messent book from Amazon....glad it appeals to you ...that means I'll like it too!

I started a medieval tile project some time back....who knows...this little book may start me off again :-)