Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Deconstructing a shoebox

Having managed to cram everything in, well not quite everything, a couple of little things have had to be foresaken but nothing important, I've photographed the deconstructing in order to be able to put it all back quite happily once the box is nicely wrapped.

The bottom lined with sheets of plain paper to fit the box, exercise books, colouring book and other goodies.  I've made a simple drawstring bag (to the right) from some curtain fabric samples to either keep bits in or carry stuff to school if that is the case.

Hurray for tall husbands who spot things on top shelves in supermarkets - we just couldn't resist the little baby born doll reduced from £10 to £3!  Of course, a girl has to have a spare pair of knickers ...... a pinafore and jumper ......... a hooded coat ............ socks, shoes, mittens and a bag.  Oh dear, this knitting is quite bulky but there's still room for the purple mittens.

I am delighted to say that I can now make hair scrunchies!  That might not sound a huge achievement but when you've had four goes before finding a little tutorial believe me it is!

Just enough room for a few sweets ............ the first of three boxes of joy from things mainly bought on special offer/sale at the supermarket over the year probably averaging out at about 50p a week ........... we are happy!!


Jackie said...

What a lovely bundle. Who is it for?

Mermaid's Purse said...

It's for Operation Christmas Child Jackie ........ we drop them off at a local church in November ....... it's as much fun for us now our children are older!

Anonymous said...

We really enjoy taking part in this too. Its fun thinking up things to put in the box. Yours looks wonderful. Lucky little girl who get this one!

Puppet Lady said...

I know the little girl who gets your box will have as much fun as you had making it up!