Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Oh My Goodness

I've been doing a bit more to the limpets .................

whilst my sewing machine was away.  I picked it up yesterday and the man said it was the best he could do without some expensive Bernina parts ......... I kind of got the impression that he didn't really know what was wrong with it so that was a waste of money!

I played with it all day yesterday and couldn't get a decent stitch and it was also a bit noisy considering it had just been serviced.  Anyway, I gave myself a headache then a pain in the chest so my husband said we'd just have to take it to the dealership "Alladin's Cave" today.  We took it, paid the deposit and my huband turned and said "What are those machines you've been looking at?".

The man in the shop said the Babylock EMB12 was much better than the Janome FM725 .......... in fact he said don't get the Janome ......... well two men said it actually so guess what I have?  Oh my goodness, it's my husband's fault and I am so excited but feel so bad.


In 10 minutes I've learnt that it's a bit fierce!  It's so powerful that it only takes a few seconds to push fabric and fibres completely through to the back of the base fabric and it's very easy to make holes.  The pedal is a lot different to what I'm used to so I shall rest my aching foot and see what hints and tips I can find around the web.  Hopefully the next piece will be a bit "prettier" ........... after I've come crashing back down to earth with a dental appointment tomorrow.


Rachel said...

I hope you have lots of fun learning new tricks with your new machine!

Gina said...

Your limpets look fabulous. Have fun with your embellisher - I've got a Babylock too.

Chris Gray said...

I've got a Janome...and wouldn't part with it for anything!

Enjoy playing....I'll be waiting to see what you come up with :-)

Jackie said...

Hope your sewing machine gets a bit better. I think you'll be hooked on the embellisher.
I love your limpets too.