Monday, 25 July 2011

Cook Book Challenge 1

A non stitching post!

Am seriously running out of cookbook space ................ again and have challenged myself to go through them, in the order they appear on the shelf, and sort out what we really want to keep whilst choosing a recipe to cook from each one.  First on the top shelf is Rachel Allen's "Food for Living" which has never been used.  I find Brownies generally rather dry and not very appealing but these, overloaded with chocolate and raspberries, promised to be "fudgy" so had to be trialled.

They're not as dry as most but with 200g dark chocolate, 225g white chocolate and a punnet of raspberries are not cheap!  The pouring of melted white chocolate over looks messy but could be an idea for a festive treat with a bit more care ............... maybe even substituting canned pitted black cherries for the raspberries.


Gina said...

They look good! I use I Nigella recipe for browmies which always turns out very soft and fudgy. I think the secret is to undercook them slightly as they firm up as they cool.

Sandie said...

Sandie xx

Gina said...

Just to let you know you have won my giveaway. If you email me at with you address I'll get your art stuff and sketchbook in the post.