Wednesday, 13 July 2011

More Fun with Scraps

Yesterday I started embellishing a background for a 3ft high seascape.  About half way through I opened the packaging for the box frame to find that it wasn't actually a box frame, the backing sits right behind the glass.  Oh well, it looks like two smaller pieces to fit frames that I do have then. 


Random scraps picked out by colour, I quite like the guitar ............. "Festival on the Beach" ha ha!  Quite lightly embellished, mostly just enough to hold the fabrics in place, I'm going to have a look through the chiffon and tulle for some overlays and then start stitching!



Chris Gray said...

That's going to be quite something when it's done!

Lovely colour and fabric combinations seem to have a knack :-)

Sandie said...

Looking forward tio the finished article!

Sandie xx