Monday, 8 August 2011

Colour Sketchbook Challenge 2

Well what can I say?  A quick 10 minute Brusho project this morning quickly became an all day thing.  Anyway, what emerged was turquoise Brusho mixed with acrylic wax stencilled onto a dry on wet (turquoise and yellow) Brusho background.  The whole background was then coated with acrylic wax to seal.

Finding something to bring the flowers back to life ( I hadn't intended blue as in an actual blue but it was finding something that would work over the acrylic wax) .................. blue glitter Markal with an acrylic glitter glaze over to seal due to the non-porous base, white and yellow acrylic highlights.

Unfortunately, particularly with the flower on the right, the camera shows the whole flower as the same blue due to the glitter glaze where there are in fact areas of darkness and opaque white highlights.  Apart from the composition bordering on "Palm Trees at Midnight" rather than "Sea Breeze" daisies I'm really quite pleased and feeling just a little more positive!

Not sure I'm labelling these quite right as it's not actually working out as following the tutorials in order but think I'll get there .............


Rachel said...

I think to some extent you need to follow where this sort of work takes you, rather than being determined to follow the tutorials in order!

Gina said...

I agree with Rachel. The tutorials are intended as starting points and guides rather than rigid lessons. I love where this has taken you.