Sunday, 7 August 2011

Starting Over ............... Colour Sketchbook Challenge 1

Thankyou for your encouraging comments ladies but I really wasn't happy with the way things were going so change of plan!!!

We have four clumps of Erigeron "Sea Breeze" in our garden courtesy of my parents who got cuttings from a friend in Sandgate.  Mum calls them "Sandgate Daisies" where they create such a pretty picture in the summer months tumbling over the garden walls facing the sea.  They provide brilliant ground cover in our poor chalky clay soil.

I got a new sketchbook, daunting in so much as I'm not used to working directly into a book at all but determined to have a go.  Now I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to be bending the brief here but I've made a start ........ my way ........... and my husband's far from impressed that it's the "same old thing" .......... not free and flowing but controlled and repetative hmmm.......... .   I like the colours whatever!.

A bit of salt as a resist on the wet watercolour, white pastel smudged around some circular stencils, more paint and some Jelly Roll pen detail ..............

Think the central circles look far too harsh now I've photographed them (after they've been stuck down) ......... will need to think about that.  Perhaps adding more paint will bring them more in line to where they were before.  In the meantime I've dripped a few drops of water on the background to give yet more textural effect and hope it looks ok when I have a look in the morning!!


Best leave it alone for now .........


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Gina said...

Still looking good!