Friday, 5 August 2011

Funky Fungi

Green:  Envious, naive, recycling, gardens, countryside, healthy eating ............

Anyway, change of plan.  I wanted a simple but easily recognisable image to work with for the sketchbook challenge and I've left the sea theme (for the time being) for Fungi.

Following Gina's suggestions

Cut out chosen shape(s) and use as stencil for crayon/pastel (I chose different fungi for this one) - fine.
Fill shapes with colour (darker green) - fine.
Add areas of colour to background - oh dear!  I need to hunt out some better paper as it's not taking more washes very well (in fact it's disintegrating) and it's now all looking the same.  I had a feeling I'd do that with this one colour lark lol!
Add some acrylic gel to the shapes to get them to stand out a bit more then add some darker areas to the background so it gets more messy and more of the same!


Add water soluble crayon, water, more crayon etc. etc. and outline the shapes in black pen which didn't improve things!  

It's certainly lacking funkiness (the title was my husband's suggestion ............ he's a "Funky Fun Guy" (so he says lol).  Oh well, there's always another day ...............


Chris Gray said...

I think the paintings are lovely. Especially the colours you've used.

Maybe you could learn to love them later....:-)

Gina said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. The colour and shapes are looking good... keep working on it!