Friday, 22 April 2011

All Patched Up

A more positive day yesterday and I got lots done.  Finishing this morning ..............

It went together really easily though there was a hiccup with the machine (Juki) being the top tension had disengaged and for quite a few seams until I noticed whilst pressing!  Oh, and whilst mentioning the machine, another little gripe noticed when I went to clean it this morning - the "key" type screwdriver seems to have some kind of coating which is peeling off (after 3 months)!

A bag of scraps left are crying out to be played with but I must resist and, for now, save them in case they are needed for the smaller sister - already some of the fabrics I can't repeat.  Now lots of tidying away to do ............... only to get it all back out again soon.

None of the pics seem to be very clear these days.  I can't get the Olympus to work - it won't click to take a pic..


Chris Gray said...

..a really beautiful piece of work Shelley!

Love the colour combinations...

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh gorgeous. I could stare at this quilt for days and weeks and ok lots. Blue and yellow are my all time favorite colors and I have never seen them so beautiful in one place.

Very nice job! Thank you for sharing your beauty!

Ann Flowers