Wednesday, 20 April 2011

At last!

The blue blocks for the kitchen window blind had been laying around for a while untouched ........... I really needed to get them out of the way so got back to them last week and then got ill.  Just a stressy thing and feel a bit better now ........... repeat after me "I must not worry so much".  I still will though cos that's "me" and isn't that what mums are for?

I struggled to get these done, finding the continual pressing and trimming monotonous but, hey, they're finished now and hope to have more fun putting them together.  I'm in no hurry to do the squares for the adjacent window just yet.


So I now have:

1) Pink and green patchwork ready to be made into a blind when I find the right backing/lining fabric (something blackoutish but not too heavy)

2) I Spy quilt top waiting for a border and quilting.

3) Blue and yellow blocks waiting to be pieced together and then made into a blind same as 1).  I shall be getting onto that next.

4) An Egyptian cotton cot sheet waiting to be dyed and stitched into a faux chenille cushion.  I have enough machine dye for two sheets so am waiting to find another one, hopefully before too long.  Think we'll get rid of the odd cushions in the living room and have a couple more co-ordinated ones instead.

5) Some fun stuff with the boxer shorts mentioned in the last post

6) Loads of other stuff that I hope to start being able to concentrate on.

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