Saturday, 2 April 2011

The First I Spy Quilt

 Enough squares to lay out for the first I Spy Quilt ............ 256 different ones

It was difficult trying to fit it all in the pic (next time I'll try and remember to stand on a chair) but it's enough for me to see what's happening and can spot a few that will probably get moved around in the next day or so before starting to stitch but not too much as it's so easy to get just too finicky.  I have plenty of squares towards a second quilt already but have to get this one out the way first and need to collect more of certain colours ........... I kind of struggled with pinky girly ones in particular.

Update:  Changing a few around (apologies for rubbish pics but I can't move this around into a different light .......... it's just about clear enough to use as a working design) .............. 

I think it's just about there now.  Husband thinks I should just mix them all up and go with it but that really wouldn't be me ............. much as I might like it to be sometimes.  Can't wait to start stitching now!

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Createology said...

Your quilt is looking fantastic. Happy quilting...