Sunday, 13 July 2008


Not much new here - some more Colonial knots and Satin Stitch plus a little bit of Padded Satin Stitch for the eye (mostly hidden by the bead) and some French Knots for the coronet (I just looked up what the sticky out bit on top of the head is called)!

I had got my Shisha mirrors out ready to stitch some next but I hadn't thought about putting one in the middle of the starfish - thanks for the idea Gina! I have some teeny weeny ones - will just have to see if I can manage to stitch one in the centre.

The lace wouldn't colour with transfer paints so I presume it was acrylic or something and I was never really happy with the colours achieved with fabric paints so it's gone. Another task now - cover that seam!


Aussie Jo said...

This is looking really exciting now, can you post a picture of the whole piece so far?

Gina said...

The seahorse is beautiful! Glad to have been of assistance with the starfish ;)
Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Lauri said...

I just love all the work you have been doing.It not only shows off your embroidery skills but also your imagination. Great job!!!

Conni said...

That seahorse is thoroughly delightful!!!

MargaretR said...

love the crazy quilting, particularly theat wonderful sea horse. Your transfer painting probably didn't work because your lace was 'not' acrylic. It doesn't transfer well to natural fabric or yarn.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Thankyou for all your encouraging comments. The lace is definitely synthetic Margaret & more colour transferred to the cotton protection fabric. I have had trouble with acrylics before so that was my best guess ??