Saturday, 26 July 2008

First Patch Finished

One patch of the 10 is (I think) finished - the top left hand corner. More Up and Down Buttonhole on the seam with some beading and more line stitches (at the bottom of pic from left to right) - Chain, Pearl (Reverse Palestrina), Backstitched Chain, Backstitch (2), Threaded Backstitch, more Chain & Backstitch.

This blog is getting a bit monotonous but I shall continue to post as I stitch for the time being in order to cross reference from the list of stitches.

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Anonymous said...

This seahorse is wonderful - i came over here from stitching fingers to have a look - what a great job you've been doing on the stitchalong. I look foward to following along (although I dont often have time to comment!)