Thursday, 17 July 2008

Lots of Stitches Today

Working my way through the "Stitch Along" stitches is rather slow so I've made an effort to cross off quite a few in one day. The stitches from left to right, Detatched Wheatear, Fly, Chained Fly, Knotted Fly, Wheatear, Threaded Fly, Feather, Twisted Fly and Arrowhead.

I couldn't find instructions for the Chained Fly and Knotted Fly on Sharon's list so I have stitched what seemed most logical to me ie. anchored with a chain and anchored with a knot.

Participating in the Stitch Along is very much a personal challenge to a) keep focused on textiles ie. do something every day where possible and b) blog more - I'm really pleased that I've managed to keep up to date with both so far.


silverpebble said...

I just found you via Gina. Such beautiful stitching and I love the sea themes and colours. Really stunning. I really like the names of some of the stitches too - I think I used to know how to do most of these when I was little but have forgotten many of them - it's reminded me so thanks!

Jackie said...

Lovely stitching. I wish I had the discipline to sit and do hand stitching just for the pleasure of it.