Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sea of Stitches

Part way through the month I realised that this was going to take me a while (longer than I anticipated anyway) so I gave myself a deadline for the end of the month and have been stitching like mad these last couple of days to get it finished. Well I think it's finished - I could add more but where does one stop?
Is it a crazy quilt? I'm not sure - it doesn't much resemble most of those that I've seen. Would a "Sampler of Stitches" on a patchwork ground be more apt? It was going to be a cushion but that's out the window now - it wouldn't stand up well to the laundering it would need in our house!
edit - oh why do my paragraphs disappear every time I post this? (sigh)


sharonb said...

I like this - think its a contemporary crazy quilt block which is also a sampler there is not reason why it cant be both (in fact I think the need to classify things actually works against creativity - but I wont get on my hobby horse about that)

Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
I was curious to see who the Mermaid was, so I came over here. I love this piece. Yes I think it's a crazy quilt but a new intrepretation of one. I love the way you used one theme (sea-world) for the whole block.
I'm to do a crazy block soon on my C&G's course. Hope you won't mind if I use your idea as inspiration.

Lynne said...

I've been following your posts and it's lovely to see the finished piece - I think it looks really good.

MargB said...

How wonderful! I love sea scenes and your star fish and seahorse are so beautifully complimented by the wonderful stitching