Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The First Sleeve

Yes, stop thinking!  Two days hard work and I have one patched sleeve excepting a couple of bits that need hand stitching down and with which I was rather pleased until I put a picture up ............. they show all the flaws!  Perhaps the other side looks better but I'm too tired to go and look now.  I wanted this to be very much "as it comes" though did remove one rogue patch early on - I've taken all the "blue" blues out of the mix.  If I take out more then it'll be something else that stands out and we'll be going into contrived mode which is far removed from the original idea so I'm being brave .......... or stupid!  I've just this minute realised that I might need to think about the positioning of fabrics where the sleeve meets the armhole.  Not exactly stress free!

I've changed the pattern a bit.  I'm using the width and the neckline for the Vogue one but the sleeves were rather fitted so I've changed them to a less fitted version with a wider shoulder.  The sleeve is wider too and I've worked out, I think, that if I quilt as on the armchair caddy then I'll be ok shrinkwise.

The overall starting width was 16.5" and I cut the patch pockets at 7" wide so looking at the picture I've probably lost a bit less than an inch!   The safer option?  I'm aiming at cutting before quilting now ........ we'll see!

The Juki does not like the baking parchment foundation - it needs quite a bit of help!  I'm beginning to wonder now if it was greaseproof paper that I used on the Bernina without problem ............. if it weren't for the automatic thread cutter I'd get it out ....... all those ends to push through isn't appealing right now not to mention all the extra thread used.  I should have thought to get some greaseproof at the supermarket earlier today.  I'm not supposed to be buying anything extra for this but think I will need to get some thread.

Thankyou for all your comments ............ I do read (and listen)!

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Diane-crewe said...

well done you...see getting started was the HARD it is FUN!! Just keep telling yourself that xx