Friday, 20 January 2012

"Hidden Lives"

That's the name of the patchwork jacket ............ .  The last two days have been busy.  I've drawn out all the pattern pieces to size on the foundation paper and finished piecing another sleeve.

I worked out what was wrong with the baking parchment on the machine ............. nothing!  Having switched to greaseproof, was stitching strips together to make pieces large enough for the pattern and had the same problem ........... it was the sheer volume of the stuff causing drag or rather my failing to support it properly to the front, rear and/or side.  It's not ideal working on a round table in the kitchen but it will have to do until it's a bit warmer and I can retreat to the conservatory ............ well until it gets too hot in the summer!

On the 1st of January, I said that the bathroom blind was priority ..........  I did start drawing some of the blocks onto paper!  I have 2 more blinds to finish and another to make.  There are three seascape bits that could do with being put to bed and a quilt that needs making up.  I quite fancied having a go at the Free Motion Quilting challenge but am being sensible about putting too much pressure on myself.  Then I find the Sewing Room sewalong with a relatively easily achievable project each month.  January's is a sofa/armchair sewing caddy and I could really do with one of those (mustn't forget the one my husband has asked for to house his remotes though).  It's just as well blogger wouldn't let me comment!!

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Angela said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog it's great to find yours. I will return to see how tne jacket progress's. Where did you find the tutorials for the bags?