Monday, 9 January 2012

Free Motion Quilting

I wanted to try free motion quilting on the Juki Exceed and got a foot for my birthday.  It's not actually my birthday yet (well it wasn't when I started!) but I needed a present for my dad's birthday.  My husband suggested an armchair caddy for the remotes.  Ah, I could make one ........ a good excuse to try the foot out!  The manual suggested keeping the stitch length on 2.4 but I found some of the stitches a bit big for my liking .........

so I switched to "0" which I was more comfortable with. 

It's not perfect but it's not bad (even if I do say so myself) for my first free motion quilted project.  I've done plenty of FMB and a couple of small bits of FMQ back in C&G days but nothing on this scale.  The dark sludgy grey thread on the front looks quite light but it will have to do.  The back ...........

I did find that the fabric didn't always move too smoothly over the plastic parts of the machine which I'd look into more if I plan on doing a serious amount of quilting.

A couple of design faults (I realise now how I could have made things a bit easier for myself) and I've been advised it might be a bit on the large side but, hey, I really didn't have a lot of time to think about it having only decided and started on Saturday.  I like the quilting though, and the fabric which, although floral, isn't too masculine and something I'm  sure mum won't mind having in her home.  That, too, was part of my birthday present but they deserve it!


bois-fleurie said...

I had not remembered to look at your blog for ages. So this morning I enjoyed reading every bit I could. Like the sound of the Gentle Art of Quilting Book. I have an old Toyot machine for quiting and it has served me well. A new one will be needed soon

Anonymous said...

lovely idea and a present to be treasured I'm sure

cottonreel said...

I like your armchair caddy . I made a bigger one for sewing stuff .
Your FMQ , looks good to me . If you were having trouble moving the fabric through had you remembered to drop the feed dogs .
I have a Juki
I belong to the fabric guild in Leicester where I live . They are brilliant . Fabric from £3 . Proper cotton patchwork fabric and they do post .
Put Fabric Guild UK in your browser .
Open Fridays and Sundays .
Free coffee and biscuits
We have sat chatting to lots of ladies also men who get a car load together from remote areas . One party from Ireland . They also accept coach party bookings .
Thanks for the comment on the magazine and the link . I,m off for a look